DESIGN is pattern with a purpose, and purpose is what unites the most direct route to beauty with the most persuasive call to action. Design is a graphical scheme for narrating meaning: what story do you want to tell about yourself, your business, your organization?


My name is Michael Lujan, and I’m the owner of Fixed Flame Designs. I’m a freelance graphic designer and artist with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of graphic arts and design: from designing and handcrafting websites from scratch, to periodicals and books, to business branding and logo design. I’m responsive, detail-oriented, accountable, a people-person, and possessed of a driving passion to make beautiful things.


I employ a detailed and time-tested understanding of color, proportion, and form, and a client-focused collaborative process honed over a decade and a half of experience, in order to breathe life into your vision: a uniquely-positioned and central you in the media best suited to your purpose: web, print, or both.